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SMB Nation and SMB Technology Network are pleased to announce the 2013 SMB 150 winners, posted below. Congratulations to all of the winners!

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Aaron Booker
Abhijit Chatterjee
Akash Saraf
Alan Helbush
Alan Shrater
Alan Weinberger
Alex Rogers
Ali Din
Allen Miller
Amy Babinchak
Amy Luby
Andy Goodman
Andy Harper
Anurag Agrawal
Arlin Sorensen
Arnie Bellini
Ashutosh Tiwary
Austin McChord
Barbara Dove
Bill Hole
Bob Godgart
Bob Nitrio
Bob Vogel
Brett Jaffe
Brian Burch
Brian Laufer
Brian Sherman
Carl Mazzanti
Carlos Fernando Paleo da Rocha
Carlson Colomb
Cecilia Galvin
Charles Weaver
Chris Amori
Chris Bangs
Chris Chase
Chris Sterbenc
Christy Sacco
Cindy Bates
Cliff Galiher
Corey Simpson
Curtis Hicks
Dan Tervo
Dana M. Epp
Dave Sobel
David Bellini
David Johnson
David Spire
Debi Bush
Dina Moskowitz
Dona Keating
Ebrahim Keshavarz
Ed Correia
Elvis Guštin
Eric Ligman
Eric Townsend
Frank Ernesto
Frank Gurnee
Gary Pica
Greg Starks
Herman Pool
Hilton Travis
Howard Cunningham
Ian Moyse
Jacob Braun
James Foxall
James Kernan
Jamison West
Jan Spring
Jane Cage
Jason Coffer
Jay Epton
Jay Ferron
Jay McBain
Jeannine Edwards
Jeff Middleton
Jeff Ragusa
Jeremiah Ilges
Jerry Koutavas
Jessica Devita
Jim Sterling
Jim Turner
Joe Hillis
Joe Panettieri
John Krikke
Josh Freifield
Justin Crotty
Karen Guarino
Kate Hunt
Keith Nelson
Ken Edwards
Kenneth May
Kevin Royalty
Larry Doyle
Larry Schulze
Larry Walsh
Lawrence Hsu
Len DiCostanzo
Leonard Dimiceli
Linda Brotherton
Mark Crall
Mark Hicks
Matt Makowicz
Michael Jenkin
Michael O'Connell
Michael Reuben
Michael Siggins
Michelle Ragusa
Mitch Garvis
MJ Shoer
Nancy Hammervik
Nancy Williams
Paul Dippell
Peter Sandiford
Philip Elder
Praerit Garg
Ramon L. Garcia
Ramon Ray
Rayanne Buchianico
Richard Kenyon
Richard Tubb
Rick Bahl
Rob T Rae
Robb Patterson
Robert Cohen
Robert Crane
Robin Robins
Robyn Davis
Scott Barlow
Scott Scrogin
Scott Wharton
Shari Godgart
Steve Harper
Steve Noel
Steven Banks
Steven Cullen
Steven Teiger
Stuart Crawford
Stuart Selbst
Suresh Ramani
Susan Bradley
Ted Hulsy
Ted Roller
Thomas Fox
Tim Barrett
Todd Thibodeaux
Travis Austin
Vince Tinnirello
Vlad Mazek
Wayne Small
Zak Karsan

Kevin Dohrmann

 Posted by kdohrmann (#50) 1576 days ago (Editorial)
Kevin has 24 years of experience in the technology industry including technical support and international call center operations management, Internet telephony and the World Wide Web. He co-founded an Internet telephony company that provided Web-based telephone services to large U.S. and European carriers.

Steven Banks

 Posted by SBanks (#50) 1579 days ago (Editorial)
With over thirteen years hands on experience in the Internet and twenty years in computer technology fields, Steve Banks, the founder of the Puget Sound Small Business Server User Group and President of Banks Consulting Northwest Inc., holds Microsoft Certifications in Windows Client and Server products, including Small Business Server, and has been a Microsoft MVP Awardee for Small Business Serv

Todd Croteau

 Posted by tcroteau (#50) 1576 days ago (Editorial)
Todd Croteau serves as All Covered's President, overseeing all aspects of the company's operations. Mr. Croteau joined All Covered in March 2000, when the consulting firm where he was a partner, merged with All Covered. He has held numerous field and corporate positions and was previously Chief Operating Officer.

Mr. Croteau has 18 years of experience in the high technology sector. Prior to Al

Suresh Ramani

 Posted by sramani (#36) 1575 days ago (Editorial)
Suresh leads the largest Partner Community for Microsoft Partners in India at
For his Community efforts, Microsoft nominated him at Partner Area Lead for India for 2007 & 2008.
In 2009, he was nominated as Microsoft MVP for Small Business Server

Brett Weibel

 Posted by BWeibel (#50) 1576 days ago (Editorial)
Brett Weibel is one of the founding members of BelQuette, an innovative engineering company that designs, builds, and services direct-to-garment printers. Brett is dedicated to continuous improvement for himself and his company.

Jay Bolgatz

 Posted by HeatherL 1291 days ago (Editorial)
Under Jay’s leadership – both as the vice president of engineering and development and now as the interim CEO – Intronis has enabled thousands of SMB-focused MSPs to establish and grow profitable recurring revenue streams and add greater business value by leveraging the company’s innovative cloud-based backup and recovery software. As a result of its efforts, Intronis has also achieved notable Y

Jessica Devita

 Posted by JDevita (#50) 1576 days ago (Editorial)
Jessica DeVita built ÜberGeekGirl on discretion, respect and superior service. She is a Microsoft MVP, holds the CompTIA A+ Certification (the industry standard for computer support technicians) and has a welcoming personality and 12 years of real-world IT experience, 7 in the medical and financial services fields and 5 in private consulting.

Stuart Selbst

 Posted by SSelbst (#50) 1576 days ago (Editorial)
Stuart Selbst is a well-respected industry leader, speaker, business coach and the President/CEO of Stuart Selbst Consulting, a consulting firm which offers executive level business coaching for MSPs and VARs. We align sales and marketing together with business processes along with the practice of goal setting to achieve individual and team success.
Instead of focusing on larger solutions provid



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